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5 things to know before adopting a Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a very exuberant, but loving dog. They are super intelligent, affectionate and very good with children.
Don’t let this article scare you. After all, a Welsh remains the best pet in the world!

1. Exuberance

When adopting a Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy, you decided to adopt a very energetic little animal. This little guy will run around until he literally falls down. Which they do pretty fast when they’re still a little puppy. However, the amount of energy in a Welsh doesn’t seem to lower while he gets older.

There’s only one way to calm this doggy down, and that’s by taking him outside for long walks and runs. This dog loves the outside. In return he will love you more than ever if you give him his daily pleasures.

2. Love, love and even more love

Every move you make, every step you take… This dog is unbelievably affectionate. Next to running around like a clown, they just love to be with you, in your presence. You like to watch tv alone, or to wake up on a sunday in peace? Forget about all that, your Welsh will be there.

Kuba Spaniel

You feel sad or sick? He will feel it and comfort you appropriately.

You have children? Excellent. This little guy LOVES children. That’s right, give up on the quiet household.

3. Separation anxiety

His love for you will make him wonder why you would leave him alone at home for a while. He will not understand, he is now part of your life, and desires no more than that.

While being a puppy, be aware that they might damage your furniture if you don’t train them on this one. This training better starts the moment you let this little guy enter your home, his new house and family.

If he is trained well, he can stay at home while you’re out working without any problem. He will greet you with hugs and kisses when you get back home as never seen before.

Kuba Spaniel

4. Gardening

Welshies can have an urge for digging, do not be surprised if this guy decides to re-landscape your garden. They are also very agile, so your garden needs to be well fenced and secure. If not, they might easily break/dig out.

5. Vacuuming

As this is a self-cleaning (they lick themselves clean) breed, your house will be a setting of mud, dust and sand. They lose hair in proportions that make you wonder why they’re not bald yet.

Better get yourself a new vacuum cleaner for your birthday.

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